A New Subway Line:
Call Home Line

Instructor: Kevin Gatta

#Design Research
#Social Design
#Branding & Identity

This project aims to brainstorm a new hypothetical system that adds on current existing resources for homeless people, offering mental support with easy access around neighborhoods.

“Homeless people are just ordinary people like you and me. Homelessness can happen to anyone.”

Invisible People:

While there are resources that supply homeless people food and other commodities, there aren’t many that provide mental support. Homeless people are often misunderstood and have to bear mental illness on their own. Many of them are just victims of significant accidents. To help the homeless get off the street and move on, mental support is as important as other supplies. By simply having someone to talk to, it can help release their stress and offer motivations.

Design Proposal: Call Home Line

Call Home Line is proposal of setting a hotline in subway entrances for homeless people to consult, find resources, and get mental support. The line is backed by the givernment and non-profit organizations such as the National Coalition for the Homeless, managed by a group of professional consultants and psychologists. The purpose of the line is to provide the homeless mental support as well as other necessary resources.



Subway Wayfinding System

The map and the wayfinding signage are two most effective communication tools in the city. I incorporated the H Line logo into subway’s wayfinding system
to indicate the locations of these phone sets.