@Chinatown Soup. Manhattan, New York.

Partner: Allison Yang
#Exhibition identity
#Print making

Where is home?
What makes a home ‘home’?

Curated and presented by a close friend Allison Yang and myself, this exhibition offers opportunities to look deeply into the meaning of home. Drawing on our shared cultural heritage, we invite visitors of different backgrounds to examine how objects and surroundings manifest 'home' as a lived and thought-about experience.

Home Observation
Photography, 28.3*17 inches

This photo collection was shot during the lockdown in 2020 summer. As my room became my only world, I began to notice and document these everyday scenery.

Pantry Collection
Lino Print, 7 3/4*7 3/4 inches

From the photo collection, I selected the ones of food and remade them into prints. Food almost became the most essential part of my life during that time. The long process of lino carving and printing shares a resemblance of the time spent on food preping and cooking, which is an interesting experience.

Into People’s Home

To further explore the idea of home, we collected insights and stories from people of different backgrounds. The responses were then condensed and translated into a home-themed mad lib game and a pattern inspired by their impression of home.